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iNoty -Notification style iOS9


New custom for the notification bar of your phone: iNoty with style of iOS 9. The beauty of IOS 9 is very famous and unique and now is on your notification.Style of íPhone 6s is very famous and elegant and all the components of it are also beautiful too . Notification bar is also one of it. The iNoty of ịPhone 6s is something new and fresh. The inoty notification bar is show many information for you in the day: time, weather, music. memo and application. So ìPhone 6s notification is very useful for you to use everyday. Let use iNoty with style of iOS 9How to Use??:1. Qpen the notification app2. Choose setting to make ỉPhone6s noty appear along with default notification3. Custom info to show on inoty to track the thing you want everyday4. Swipe down to show notification iOs9. Swipe again to show the default5. Touch to choose any info on the notification bar to show in fullscreen and open app6. Show info depend on day7. Many info depend on your choice include default info like phone call, message…Features:- Custom notification info for Phone 7 on the next IOS 10 - Design layout notification with style of ìPhone6s - Same function as ios 9 inoty on Phone6s- Customize your own inoty information to show on bar- Small size but high quality and fast like ios9 notification- Show stock, weather info today and many info you care- Day month year mode like with style of IoS9- Swipe down to open Inoty notification to check your daily information. Swipe down to show the dèault- Blur inoty wallpaper background style of iOS9 - Show notification bar instantly just 1s like íphone6s- Tomorrow event to remind you the thing to do tomorrow- 12h or 24h hour mode like ios 9- Support features like notification of ịPhone 6s with many beautiful styleDownload and enjoy inoty - notification style of iOS 9